Membership in the Center is based on established scientific expertise, external funding, commitment to interdisciplinary research in environmental health, and established or potential interactions with other Center members. Our membership eligibility criteria are as follows—an individual must:

  1. Be of faculty rank at the University of Michigan.
  2. Have demonstrated research productivity (i.e., publications) related to our mission, and/or subthemes.
  3. Have external funding (NIEHS, other NIH, EPA, etc.; multi-year, >=$50,000 direct/yr) that is relevant to the Center’s mission and/or subthemes.
  4. Demonstrate on-going collaboration with other center members or clearly articulate plans to do so.
  5. Have a commitment to inter-disciplinary research in line with our Mission, as well as a commitment to contributing to the UM EHS Core Center’s activities, including:
    1. Participating on at least one of the Research Teams;
    2. Pilot projects (collaborating on proposals; evaluating proposals);
    3. Center-sponsored seminars (attending and giving seminars), annual retreat and symposia;
    4. Core facilities (using and/or participating in Core activities as an affiliate member; providing advice and potential collaboration in relation to their expertise);
    5. Mentorship of post-doctoral fellows/Center junior scientists/doctoral students;
    6. Community Outreach & Engagement Core activities.

New applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.