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The center requests an NIH format biosketch (see instructions below).

A. Personal Statement
  • Briefly describe your research expertise and accomplishments relevant to the M-LEEaD Center’s mission with emphasis on the past year or two (mission statement is on the center home page) and how your research will benefit from usage of core center.  Renewal submissions with a particular role in the center (e.g., core leader) should describe experience and qualifications that make you particularly well-suited for your role.
    (may mention specific contributions to science not included in Section C).
  • Also, may identify up to four peer reviewed publications that specifically highlight experience and qualifications for this
  • May explain impediments to past productivity (may include a description of factors such as family care responsibilities, illness, disability, and active duty military service).
B. Positions and Honors
  • List in chronological order previous positions, concluding with the present
  • List any Include present membership on any Federal Government public advisory committee.
C. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Briefly describe up to five of your most significant contributions to science and for each indicate: the historical background that frames the scientific problem; the central finding(s); the influence of the finding(s) on the progress of science or the application of those finding(s) to health or technology; and your specific role in the described
  • For each contribution list up to four peer-­‐reviewed publications relevant to that
  • The description of each contribution should be no longer than one half page including figures and citations.
  • May also provide a URL to a full list of your published work found in a publicly available digital database such as PubMed or My Bibliography, which are maintained by the US National Library of Medicine.
D. Research Support
  • List both selected ongoing and completed research projects for the past three years (Federal or non-Federally supported).
  • Begin with the projects that are most relevant to the research proposed in the
  • Briefly indicate the overall goals of the projects and responsibilities of the key person identified on the Biographical
  • Do not include number of person months or direct costs.

For further information on the biosketch format, you may download the NIH template and example biosketch or refer to the NIH Grants & Funding webpage.